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What services does Flourish in Place provide?
We provide hourly, daily, overnight, and live-in care to help seniors and disabled people in their home or care facility. Our experienced, certified caregivers are trained to provide personal care services such as showering, hygiene, meal preparation and planning, light house cleaning, laundry and linens, medication reminders, and transportation for errands, doctor’s appointments, shopping and recreational activities. We specialize in working with clients who have memory challenges and physical limitations. Our Clinical Director is an experienced RN who supervises our caregivers. She performs an in-home assessment and prepares, free of charge, a customized plan of care for every client to suit their specific needs.
What is home care and how does it differ from skilled nursing care?
While home care can be used to describe both medical and non-medical care, Flourish in Place provides non-medical care, which includes companionship, homemaking services and assistance with personal care as well as any activities of everyday living.
Who are Flourish in Place’s clients?
Each client is unique. We make ourselves as flexible as possible to accommodate a wide spectrum of scenarios. Most of our services are provided for older adults and adult couples who could use some assistance to remain as independent as possible and flourish as they age with dignity. Our services also are available for any person over 21 years of age including the disabled, those recovering from surgery, and individuals who just like having someone around.
Do you provide services in independent living communities, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation hospitals?
Yes! Flourish in Place can provide services to clients almost anywhere.
Are services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Yes! Our services can be scheduled for as little as a few hours a visit or up to 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We try to work out a regular schedule while remaining flexible to change the schedule as needed. Normally, we require a 4-hour minimum shift, except in the case of veterans whose hours are set by the Veterans Choice Program.
How much do your services cost?
Flourish in Place offers the highest quality of care in the industry at market rates in line with other home health agencies in Central Florida. Hourly rates depend on the number of hours scheduled and the client’s individual needs, so we generally discuss our rates with you during the initial assessment meeting.
Are your caregivers certified, bonded, and insured?
Definitely! All Flourish caregivers who provide personal care are: (1) Certified Nursing Assistants licensed by the Florida Board of Nursing, or (2) Certified Home Health Aides, certified according to Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration regulations. Flourish in Place is a Home Health Agency licensed by the state of Florida (License # 299994622). We carry $1 million per claim in general commercial and professional liability, non-owned auto, and workers compensation insurance coverage, as well as a crime bond on all employees.
Are your caregivers W-2 employees or independent contractors?

All Flourish caregivers are well-compensated W-2 employees with benefits. We withhold income taxes and pay all employer payroll taxes. We supervise, train, and manage our caregivers.

When selecting a homecare agency in Florida, beware! Many agencies are set up as “nurse registries” rather than licensed home health agencies.
These agencies merely act as brokers for homecare workers, who are not employees of the agency, but rather are “independent contractors.” When these agencies send homecare workers to your home (sometimes at below market rates) families often don’t realize they are the ones responsible for managing caregivers, withholding taxes, and providing workers compensation and other insurance.

How does Flourish in Place select the caregivers that it hires?
Each applicant is thoroughly interviewed and undergoes a rigorous background screening process. All caregivers who provide personal care must be Certified Nursing Assistants or Certified Home Health Aides. They are all finger printed and must pass a criminal background screen, employment reference checks, verification of certification credentials, review of DMV driving history, and a drug test. The most important part of the selection process, however, is subjective. As a local, family-owned company, we only hire and retain people we would want to care for our own family members! Consequently, before an individual is hired, the Owner/Administrator and the Clinical Director both must determine that the prospect does caregiving work for the right reason; that is, they love people and are passionate about helping seniors to flourish, with independence and dignity.
How does Flourish in Place match me or my loved one with the right caregiver?
Ultimately, you will decide if the caregiver we propose is the right fit for you or your loved one. That said, we are proud of our ability to match each client with a special caregiver who is right for them. For many agencies, sending a homecare worker is simply a question of finding a person with an open schedule, which might be a different person almost every day. Flourish in Place is not a large franchise operation. We are small enough to know our employees personally and become involved in planning care for each client. We take pride in our knack for selecting special caregivers who also are the right match for our clients’ needs.
Will I have the same caregiver all the time?
During our initial conversations and in-home visit, we will document the services required and your preferences for an ideal caregiver. We then match a caregiver with your requirements and preferences. Generally, the next step is an introductory meeting between the client and our selected caregiver. During the meeting, we review the plan of care to be sure everyone understands what services will be provided and they are happy with the caregiver presented. We then strive to keep the same caregiver assigned to each client. Of course, if the caregiver is unavailable for any reason and a substitute is needed, another caregiver will be presented.
Are services covered under private insurance or Medicare?

Most private health insurance does not cover personal care services.  Medicare also does not cover non-Medical care intended to help individuals with basic activities of daily living. Consequently, most often,  you or a family member will need to privately pay for our services. However, some seniors have Long Term Care Insurance, which covers certain home health care services. If you have Long Term Care Insurance we would be glad to see if we can help you get the coverage started. Some other specific types of insurance such as workers’ compensation and automobile insurance also may cover our services.

If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you could qualify for up to $2,300 per month that can be used to pay for personal care services! We have helped many of our clients to qualify for this tremendous benefit, in partnership with the Veterans Benefit Group of CPI. For more information on our program, watch the video that can be accessed here.

What does it mean that Flourish in Place is an A+ Certified Agency?

We are the only Central Florida agency that has received an A+ Rating from the Home Care Standards Bureau (HCSB), certifying that Flourish in Place has met and/or exceeded all Regulatory Board Criteria and has agreed to abide by the HCSB Code of Ethics and Standards. This means, first, that we pledge to uphold the ethics of the HCSB concerning honesty, competency, safety, and kindness. Second, our A+ Rating signifies that we have met and/or exceeded these HCSB Standards:

  • We are fully and properly licensed by the state.
  • We have professional staff qualified in the field of Aging.
  • Our caregivers are properly licensed.
  • Our caregivers have completed a minimum of 12 educational courses each year.
  • Our caregivers are fluent in our clients’ languages.
  • Our agency Leadership is experienced in the field of Aging.
  • All our caregivers have passed a multi-tiered background check that includes:
    • Social Security number trace and verification
    • National Criminal database search
    • Sex offender registry check
    • Annual motor vehicle if caregiver transports clients (agency must have motor vehicle and required license policy)
  • We have no unresolved complaints with state licensing agencies.
  • We have agreed to abide by the HCSB Code of Standards and Ethics.
  • Our agency has agreed to scheduled and unannounced on-site audits.
  • We have completed an annual disclosure form.
  • We have maintained all appropriated insurance including workers’ compensation, general liability, and non-owned auto insurance.
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