Proudly serving Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Brevard Counties
Our Vision

A society in which the special worth of the most elderly and frail citizens is manifest through loving care for their minds and spirits as well as their ailing bodies.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate and innovative care for seniors and persons with disabilities, which inspires them to flourish with dignity in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Our Core Values: CARING
  • Comfort

    – caring for our clients’ health, safety, well-being, and quality of life, while honoring their personal choices
  • Affection

    – showing our clients abundant love, dignity, compassion, and empathy
  • Respect

    – respecting all cultures, genders, races, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientations, ages, and disabilities
  • Integrity

    – establishing trust through open, honest, and dignified communications with clients and their families, while maintaining private client information in confidence
  • Nurture

    – helping each of our clients achieve their optimum individual level of mental, physical and social activity, so they can flourish in place
  • Generosity

    – displaying generosity of spirit through a goodhearted, selfless, and caring staff focused on serving clients and their families
We are passionate about helping people retain their individuality and freedom to be themselves.


smiling caregiver and old lady with a picture frame of her husbandCompassionate and Innovative Care

We empower clients to flourish by engaging their bodies, minds, and spirits. This mission sets us apart from other agencies.

Experienced and Highly Qualified Staff

Our caregivers have multiple years of professional experience and receive many hours of specialized education and training. An RN who is passionate about caring for seniors and people with disabilities supervises and mentors our caregivers.

Caregivers are Background-Screened, Bonded, and Insured

All our caregivers have undergone finger printing and passed a level 2 criminal background screen and a drug test. Additionally, we have reviewed each caregiver’s driving record and employment references. They are covered by an employee fidelity bond and by $1 million in general, professional, auto liability, and workers compensation insurance.

W-2 Employees (Not independent contractors)

Flourish caregivers are well-compensated employees with benefits. We withhold income taxes and pay all employer payroll taxes.

Note: When selecting a home care agency in Florida, beware! Many agencies in this state are “nurse registries” rather than licensed home health agencies like Flourish in Place. These agencies serve merely as brokers for homecare workers, who are treated not as their employees but as independent contractors. When these agencies send homecare workers to your home (sometimes at below market rates), families often don’t realize they are responsible for managing them, withholding taxes, and providing workers compensation and other insurance.

A+ Rating

We are the only Central Florida agency that has received an A+ Rating from the Home Care Standards Bureau, certifying that Flourish in Place has met and/or exceeded all Regulatory Board Criteria and has agreed to abide by the HCSB Code of Ethics and Standards.

Independent and Locally Owned (Not a Franchise)

Your community is our community! We are focused on the needs of seniors in Central Florida and our local employees.

Hands-On Management

The owner communicates directly with families, care administrators, and referral sources.

Technology-Driven Practice

We use a state-of-the-art web-based platform to manage our business and maintain client records. One unique technology tool in this platform is the “Family Room,” an easy-to-use, secure portal that keeps family members, caregivers, and Flourish staff in close communication.

Special Programs for Veterans

Our VA Pension program helps eligible veterans and their surviving spouses qualify for up to $2,295 per month to pay for personal care services in their homes! We also care for many local veterans under the VA Choice Program.

Enhanced Quality Through Network Associations

We are affiliated with AHI Group, Inc., a network of more than 300 home care agencies that shares best practices, promotes continual learning/education, and develops service competencies within its network.

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