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Our expert guide to assistive technology for seniors

Explore how certain technologies can give your loved ones more confidence in their health and safety

Designed to support their health, safety, and quality of life, there are many different types of assistive technology devices for seniors. 

Join us to learn about assistive technology and how they can improve your loved one’s quality of life. 

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology are devices or equipment that help seniors improve their ability to perform daily living activities and their safety, such as reading with ease or remembering to take medication. 

Assistive devices can help seniors in many different ways including restoring their confidence and freedom. These technology devices can also give seniors’ loved ones peace of mind that they are able to thrive and complete these tasks on their own. 

What are the most common assistive technology devices?

There are many different kinds of assistive technology devices available for your senior to choose from depending on what their specific needs are, including: 

  • Memory aids. Mild forgetfulness can be a normal sign of aging, and is not always a sign of dementia or Alzheimer’s. There are memory devices seniors can use to help them remember to take their medication, lock the door, or feed their pets. 
  • Smart home assistant. These devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Nest can use voice commands to answer questions, turn on lights, and more. These devices can be helpful for seniors to set alarms or reminders. These devices can also play music, and music can be a powerful tool that helps seniors remember happy memories and bring positive emotions.
  • Medical alert device. A medical alert device provides seniors with an emergency monitoring system that alerts a help center when they need assistance. Medical alert devices are easy to wear and use, and now come in various forms, such as on pendants or bracelets, or as a smartwatch. 
  • Tablet or E-Reader. A tablet with an e-book app or an E-Reader device such as the Nook or Kindle are great options for seniors who enjoy reading. Many seniors have vision difficulties which can make the small text on a book difficult to read. E-Readers allow users to adjust the size of the text and the brightness of the device to make for an easier reading experience. 
  • Video doorbell. A video doorbell can help your loved one feel safer in their home and gives you peace of mind as well. You and your loved one can see who is at their door without having to go to the door or open it. You can also check when your loved one leaves and returns home. If you have access to your loved one’s video doorbell, it’s important to let them know so they don’t feel like you are invading their privacy.

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How to choose an assistive technology device

With so many different assistive technologies to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for yourself or your loved one. 

If you’re helping your loved one choose their assistive technology device, you need to have their specific needs in mind while searching. It’s only necessary to purchase devices that fit their current needs. If you purchase devices for activities they don’t struggle with, they could feel embarrassed and less likely to use devices that could actually help them. 

It’s also best to choose the simplest device option available because seniors are more likely to use devices that are easy to maneuver and become accustomed to.

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