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Don’t Leave Me Stuck in the Tub!

I used to belong to a group of mothers who got together weekly to study a book, pray for one another, and share life’s challenges and triumphs. My Manna for Mothers group carried me through many trials. A newstory in the paper caught our attention one week, and prompted us to make a group pledge. An elderly woman, taking a bath at home alone, managed to get her big toe stuck in the tub faucet. At first, that makes you giggle. Who does that?! The story quickly turned tragic and frightening. That old woman was stuck in her tub for a very long time. She lived alone. Eventually, people missed her and came, with the fire department, to see about her. I’m sure her gratefulness overcame her embarrassment, and she lived to tell the tale of her misadventure in the tub.

The moral of this story for me was very clear, and it had nothing to do with not sticking my toe in the faucet. I looked at all the faces around the circle of mothers, and I told them, “Do not let me be that woman!” If I’m ever a no-show at some event, I suddenly go missing, or I neglect an obligation, don’t assume that I’ve got other plans or have become rude and forgetful in my old age. COME SEE ABOUT ME! I also promised them that I would do the same.

Whatever circle of friends you have, be willing to be there for them, and let them be there for you.

Here’s the article that made me remember that promise from many, many years ago.

No Spouse, No Kids, No Caregiver: How to Prepare to Age Alone

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