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Agitation Usually Has a Cause

Now and again you might find that agitation is something that your senior experiences, especially if she has dementia. When she’s agitated, it can be difficult to help her to calm down again. A bigger problem is that you need to know what triggers the agitation.

Elder Care Winter Park FL - Agitation Usually Has a Cause

Sudden Changes

For many people, sudden changes can be jarring and leave them feeling uncomfortable. For an elder with dementia, sudden changes can be jolting enough that they cause her to feel agitated for hours. Changes to her home, unexpected appointments, or even unannounced guests can all fall under this category. This is part of why routines are so helpful for someone with dementia.


Large crowds, loud noises, or any other types of distractions can all create an uncomfortable situation for your senior, too. She may respond to that discomfort by becoming increasingly agitated until she’s comfortable again. In many situations, reducing these distractions can help quite a bit as can reducing your senior’s exposure to these types of distractions.

Problems She Can’t Describe

Depending on the stage of dementia your elder is in, she may not be able to communicate what’s bothering her. She may be hungry, thirsty, or need the bathroom, but the fact that she’s not able to share that information causes her to feel agitated. Routines can help with this because they ensure that your senior’s basic needs are being met periodically throughout the day.


Some people with dementia can become paranoid or can misunderstand normal daily activities. When this happens, they can become agitated from the discomfort of the situation. It helps if you can be as clear as possible with your senior and try to eliminate situations that might be confusing or upsetting for her.


Being overly tired or worn out leaves your elder with less of a defense against the triggers that might ordinarily bother her a little bit less. That might mean that she’s more sensitive than usual, which can be surprising for both of you. Having a solid sleep schedule for your senior can help to minimize the effects of fatigue.

Your elderly family member might experience agitation only with specific triggers or it might be her go-to response when something isn’t quite right. Understanding her triggers can help you to resolve issues and that’s where elder care providers can be especially helpful. They’ve got experience decoding these sorts of situations and they can help you to work out what’s behind the behavior that you’re witnessing in your aging adult.

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