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How Family Caregivers Can Avoid Burnout

Family caregivers deal with a lot of frustration and worry as they tend to the physical and mental needs of their elderly relatives. As their aging loved ones decline due to illness, surgery, disease or chronic conditions, they are less likely to be able to take care of themselves. That’s where family members step in to help. It’s not easy when family caregivers try to do everything on their own without asking others for help or some respite.

Whether it’s because of pride or worry or some other reason, family caregivers often put off getting some assistance until it’s well past time and they start to experience burnout. The condition of being overstressed while caring for an elderly loved one is known as caregiver burnout.

Elderly Casselberry FL - How Family Caregivers Can Avoid BurnoutWhat is Caregiver Burnout?

Caregiver burnout is a term to describe the overstressed family member that is responsible for the physical and emotional needs of an elderly relative. It is the exposure to chronic stress without any kind of respite. This mental and emotional strain may not be noticeable at first, but in a short time, the family caregiver’s health begins to suffer.

Chronic stress can lead to a number of negative health issues, such as high blood pressure, migraines, weak immune system, low energy, digestive problems, and insomnia. Mental health can also decline, with anxiety and depression very common in family caregivers. Dealing with this level of constant stress can lead to new problems for the family caregiver in the form of overeating or underrating, substance abuse and other negative and unhealthy behavior.

Elderly Care Providers Ease Caregiver Burdens

The best way for family caregivers to avoid chronic stress and burnout is to get regular breaks from their duties. This respite gives family caregivers a chance to step away from the demands of the job. They can have some restorative time on their own and participate in activities that boost their mood and invite positive feelings.

Elderly caregivers, who are professionally trained and experienced, can do any number of tasks for and on behalf of an elderly adult. They often do light housework, laundry and meal preparation as part of their daily tasks. Depending on the senior’s needs, elderly care providers can also help with personal care like dressing and grooming.

Family caregivers do a lot to help their elderly loved ones, but they don’t have to do it all on their own. They deserve time for themselves to pursue their own goals and needs and achieving that balance will make them better caregivers. Hiring elderly care providers gives the family caregivers peace of mind when they want to take time off from their duties for a while.

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