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Don’t Throw It Away – Fix It!

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My daddy was an epoxy glue wizard. I never have gotten the knack of it. Even in our modern era, epoxy calls for pharmacist/chemist-type mixing skills. Daddy was a pharmacist (before he became a lawyer), and he really loved chemistry. Epoxy beats out Elmer’s and Gorilla for long-term repair, but you have to be careful to wipe off all excess glue. You also have to have patience, because it takes a long time to dry. No, I’m not an expert at working with epoxy glue, but I am an expert at watching the process. I’ve also spent many hours watching Daddy repair wiring issues with a solder gun. Nothing seemed beyond fixing to him. If it was worth paying good money for, it was worth taking care of and fixing it if it broke.

Home Care Orlando FL - Don’t Throw It Away - Fix It!

The art of fixing has gone with the wind. Disposable everything has won the day. Why would I repair this when I can buy another one for under 20 bucks? As time has passed with this thinking, people have lost the confidence in being able to repair their belongings themselves. If it’s too expensive to replace, then they call “experts” to come in and save the day. Our parents and grandparents did not default to repair people. They worked to fix it themselves. I always thought Daddy knew everything about everything, which he pretty much did. Still, I was amused when I found his stash of “how to” books. If he didn’t know how to repair something, he read about it and learned how to do it.

I really admire the grit, gumption, and resourcefulness of the generation that fixed things. My Daddy died many years ago, but I feel his presence every time I enter the garage to search for just the right tool or doodad I can fashion to fix whatever I need to repair in our house. Sometimes, I need to call in the experts. Many times, I just need to call in my ancestors.

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