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Why is Estate Planning Important?

Have you and your parents ever thought about what happens if they don’t have their estate in order when a medical event occurs? If your parents don’t have an advance directive and have a stroke that leaves them unable to talk, doctors will likely go to the next of kin for input. If your mom or dad doesn’t hold the same wishes as the person doctors talk to, what happens could be something your parent would never want.

Home Care Services Kissimmee FL - Why is Estate Planning Important?It’s hard, but imagine your dad doesn’t have a Physician’s Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) in place. He has an aneurysm that severely damages his brain. You’ve talked to him about his wish to never be kept on life support and to donate his organs. Your step-mom is the person doctors talk to and she’s not ready to let him go, so she orders CPR, feeding tubes, and ventilators to keep him alive. That can happen when protections are not in place.

What Does Estate Planning Cover?

A full estate plan should include an advance directive or living will to cover medical wishes. A power of attorney for financial and medical matters should be designated. Your mom and dad should also create a will to eliminate the chance of a battle for the estate if they die or become incapable of managing their estate on their own.

That covers the basics, but there’s something else you need to plan. If your parents need home care services in order to remain at home after a fall, health issue, or loss of mobility, what would they want?

Many adult children figure they’ll handle it all. The truth is that caregiving is stressful. When you’re caring for a parent and not getting paid, it can impact your income. You might have to quit a job or reduce hours. You might give up free time. All of this can add stress to your own household, but you’re also managing your parents’ household now.

It’s best to sit down with your parents and siblings and see what everyone thinks. Draw up a plan so that everyone is involved. Most importantly, make sure you discuss the plan regularly and make changes when necessary.

Most families find a balance of family caregivers and professional home care services providers work well for schedules and budgets. You keep your job and have home care services providers spend time with your parents while you’re away at work, out with friends, or running errands. Call our home care services agency to find out more about the cost and services offered by caregivers in your area.

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