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Home modifications for seniors, room by room

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Learn the updates that can help aging loved ones stay safe, comfortable and independent in their own home

Where our seniors choose to age is changing.

Rather than opting for an assisted living facility or a nursing home, 3 out of 4 aging people are hoping to preserve their independence and dignity by staying in their own home as they get older. [1]

With this statistic in mind, it’s essential to make sure your loved one’s home is as practical as possible. Join us to explore some key home modifications for seniors that will allow them to stay safe, comfortable and independent in their own home.


  • Ensure easy access to and from the home by replacing or supplementing any steps with a professionally installed ramp.
  • If necessary, update the lighting around entry points to ensure seniors have enough light to see the lock and door handle.
  • Consider widening doorways to facilitate the use of mobility aids, like walkers and wheelchairs.


  • Limit the amount your loved one has to bend and reach by pulling kitchen appliances towards the front of countertops. Make sure they’re not too close to the edge of the surface to avoid the risk of them being accidentally pulled over.
  • For easier access, move essential kitchen items and utensils to low cabinets and drawers.
  • Transfer foods in jars, tins, cans, and other hard-to-open containers to senior-friendly packaging such as plastic tubs and resealable food storage bags.

Living room

  • Ensure all seating is stable, easy to get in and out of, and comfortable for extended periods of use.
  • Rearrange furniture to allow easy navigation of the space, and remove any clutter that could pose a trip hazard.
  • Add plastic bumpers to any sharp or rough edges on furniture pieces.


  • Install handrails and grab bars so seniors can safely navigate around the room.
  • Add non-slip strips to the base of the bath, shower, and any other floor surfaces that may become slippery when wet.
  • Consider installing a walk-in bathtub or shower transfer bench for easier bathing.


  • Install low-level lighting or a nightlight to make any nighttime bathroom trips easier to navigate.
  • Ensure there’s a bedside table within easy reach, with access to any essential medications and communication devices in case of emergency.
  • As well as being easier for seniors to get in and out of, an electric adjustable bed can make sleeping more comfortable.

For more advice and recommendations on home modifications for seniors, you can read this article “Home Improvements and Modifications for Aging in Place” or download AARP’s HomeFit Guide.

By taking these steps to make the home a safer environment, you can reduce the risk of accidents, trips, slips and falls as your loved one ages in place.

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