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Eat Real Food, Not Chemicals

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This is not a new topic. Lately, all kinds of bloggers have focused on real food, eating clean. People are paying boatloads of money to have food kits delivered to their homes, complete with food prep and cooking instructions. I can hear my grandmother in my head reacting to all of this. She would have said it’s a bunch of nonsense. She cooked real food her whole life and never paid anyone to do it for her. She taught me to do it too. Granted, my grandmother was Southern to the bone. Translated that means, her main food ingredients were bacon fat and salt. Still, everything was fresh.

Homecare Orlando FL - Eat Real Food, Not Chemicals

Fresh went out the window sometime in the 60s and didn’t return until lately. For some reason, as a country we went from fixing dinners from simple, fresh ingredients to using boxes and packages of mixes. I remember the TV commercial for Shake N’ Bake, which featured a little girl saying, “And I helped!” Did we really need a package to coat chicken with breadcrumbs and spices?

It got so bad that when I had my first baby, I had no idea I could prepare baby food on my own. I was so conditioned to the Gerber Baby propaganda that I thought I would not be a good mother if I didn’t buy the little jars and feed my daughter according to the company’s instructions. I’m so proud of my own children for feeding their babies real food. Neither of my grandsons eats something out of a baby jar.

At some point, we need to take back our own eating. It’s not that hard. You need a knife, a cutting board, some fresh ingredients, and some grit and determination. We shouldn’t be eating something that has ingredients you can’t pronounce or recognize. You don’t have to pay for kits either. It’s not hard, and it’s so rewarding, physically and emotionally.

I recommend a good read, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, by Michael Pollan, to get an informed opinion of why clean eating is so important and so elusive in America.

Here’s to eating well and feeling great!

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