Tips for a safer, more enjoyable bathtime for your Epic Elder

How many times should an elderly person bathe? Times vary from twice a day to once a week, all depending on the individual’s situation. If your Epic Elder is incontinent, bathing becomes a priority for all concerned. Otherwise, full-body soaks might be less of a necessity. Sponge baths might suffice for most of the time. Above all, your loved one needs to feel safe in the shower. Strive to make the time a pleasant experience.

10 Tips to Help with Shower Time:

  1. Avoid bathtubs if at all possible. Stepping into a bathtub is a huge, scary step for most elderly people.
  2. Provide a sturdy shower chair. This could also be a pull-down seat, permanently attached to the wall.
  3. Install a hand-held sprayer. Let the water come to the person, instead of vice versa.
  4. Provide a bath brush for reaching the back and feet. Flexibility may be a lovely memory!
  5. Make sure the shower or tub has adequate grab bars.
  6. Non-slip mats, both inside and outside the shower or tub, will help ensure fewer falls.
  7. Cut down on bath product choices. Using a shampoo/conditioner all-in-one product will mean less confusion as to which bottle to use, less time spent washing hair, and fewer bottles in the bathing area.
  8. Try to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Crank the tunes! Maybe a little Sinatra or Patsy Cline would make bath time more fun?
  9. Provide soft, fluffy towels. Who doesn’t like those?! Senior skin is more sensitive to roughness. Dry gently.
  10. Finish the time off with some lotion and gentle massage. Perhaps add a little singing or chatting about what a beautiful person just emerged fresh and clean to greet the day!

About Kim Lee

Robert “Kim” Lee and Melanie Ann Lee founded Flourish in Place to help seniors and adults with disabilities thrive and flourish while leading dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Kim and Melanie raised three remarkable children while helping care for Melanie’s wonderful mother, Kathryn, who lived a rich life despite dealing with bipolar disorder all her life and suffering later from post-polio syndrome. Melanie has cared for her intellectually disabled older sister for the past 18 years as Melinda’s court-appointed plenary guardian. Kim’s mother, Betsy, suffers from severe dementia. She lives in her own home with the help of compassionate family members as well as paid caregivers. Kim and Melanie’s life experiences caring for others influenced their desire to help people not merely “age in place” -- but flourish at home. Kim and Melanie are both Certified Senior Care Managers. Kim Lee is the President and Administrator. Kim earned his B.S. in Psychology from Duke University and his J.D. from the College of William and Mary School of Law. Kim practiced law as a shareholder for the prominent Orlando firm of Lowndes, Drosdick, et al. for many years, and then as Chair of the Commercial Litigation Department for Bogin, Munns & Munns. In 2001, Kim joined Rotech Healthcare Inc., a national Durable Medical Equipment company with annual sales of $500 million. The Rotech Board appointed him Chief Legal Officer in 2013. Kim has chaired a nonprofit board and volunteered in many capacities, including key leadership roles in his downtown Orlando church. As leader of Flourish in Place, Kim combines many years of legal experience as an attorney, and business acumen as a national healthcare company senior executive, with a strong passion for the mission of helping others flourish.
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