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Elderly Relative with Dementia? Tips to Avoid Burnout

When an aging relative has been diagnosed with dementia, there is so much more for family caregivers to worry over than just physical ailments that are common with age. Dementia requires an extra level of care that can quickly lead family caregivers toward chronic stress and heightened anxiety over their elderly loved one’s condition. Caregiver burnout is extremely common in family caregivers, but for those who care for seniors with dementia, the risk is even higher.

Caregiver Maitland FL - Elderly Relative with Dementia? Tips to Avoid BurnoutOne tip to avoid caregiver burnout is for family caregivers to recognize the signs and symptoms of chronic stress. They include insomnia, mood swings, poor appetite, headaches and stomach aches. Long-term problems include high blood pressure, a weak immune system and depression. When they can identify those warning signs, family caregivers may realize that they need to arrange for outside help in the form of home care providers. Otherwise, they could be jeopardizing their physical and mental health.

Family caregivers should also recognize whether they are taking on too much of the burden of care upon themselves. Sometimes it’s easier to do things themselves because they don’t have to explain it to someone else. Other times, the elderly relative becomes stubborn with anyone that is not the family caregiver. Still other instances might reveal that family caregivers encounter too much guilt when they arrange for some time away. Regardless of the cause, family caregivers often suffer greatly when they do take a break and therefore avoid it.

When family caregivers do take breaks while a home care provider is with their aging relative, they must make the most of them and focus on self-care. This can include exercise, recreation, spending time in nature, socializing with friends, doing a hobby or just relaxing. Even running errands and catching up on basic tasks can be a stress reliever for a busy family caregiver. As long as the activity is meaningful and helps relieve their burdens, it’s a valid stress-buster.

When it comes to finding a good balance between caring for a senior with dementia and having time for themselves, family caregivers are doing the right thing by hiring a home care provider. That way, they aren’t putting their own health in jeopardy and are focusing on their own needs so they can better meet the needs of another.

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