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It Takes a Village to Help an Elder Flourish!

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Tom Brokaw named the World War II generation, The Greatest Generation, possessing personal responsibility, duty, honor, and faith. Many of our clients belong to this generation, serving during WWII or keeping the home fires burning while their loved ones were fighting for the ideals of this country. The strong value system of the Americans of this era do not end with them, however. They have passed them on to their children and grandchildren. These admirable characteristics weave through the families of many of these war veterans, producing progeny who are exemplary in the care of their parents and grandparents.

Elder Care Orlando FL - It Takes a Village to Help an Elder Flourish!Most of the sons and daughters of our clients care deeply for their parents and make decisions that will help their parents live the best lives possible. They love and respect their parents and are tenacious watchdogs, ensuring their parents stay cared for and protected. We at Flourish in Place work closely with the children of our clients to create an appropriate plan of care to allow our clients to flourish in their homes.

Some of our clients tell us they are estranged from their children. Some have lost touch with their siblings and any other close family members. Others never had children. In those cases, close relationships beyond children become much more important. Distant family, friends, and neighbors step in to fill the void. They help us to care better for our clients, providing much-needed close, loving insights. Everyone needs loving connections to the world, even when your world has gotten smaller due to immobility and health limitations.

Our role as the home health caregivers is to listen to our clients and the people who love them, piecing together the best care of plan for their future, with the goal to flourish, not just age. Only the people who know you best can say what will help you thrive in your elder years. Make sure you have the conversations about what you want for your future. Dream big!

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