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Why Is Foot Care so Important to a Senior?

One-quarter of all the bones in your body are found in your feet. They also have dozens of joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. About 3 out of 4 people have problems with at least one foot at some point. For a senior citizen, foot pain or discomfort can cause problems with mobility and increase the risk of a fall.

Home Health Care Services Oviedo FL - Why Is Foot Care so Important to a Senior?When did your mom last have her feet examined? Women are more likely to have problems due to the prevalence of wearing heels at some point in their lives. You should make sure your mom’s doctor checks her feet during routine appointments.

Foot Heath Can Indicate the Presence of Chronic Conditions

Some health conditions are detected when symptoms appear in the feet. Constant numbness or a pins-and-needles sensation in the feet can be a sign of diabetes. If your feet swell it might be nothing more than being on your feet all day, but it can also indicate high blood pressure or heart or kidney disease.
If the joints of the feet feel stiff and ache regularly, it’s a sign of arthritis.

Foot Pain Makes It Harder to Walk

If the pain in the foot is constant, it can be harder to walk. Your mom may adjust how she walks, which will impact other muscles. If she has gout and is trying to avoid putting pressure on her toes, she may put more force on her heel. The muscles in the arch of her foot or her calf may start to ache.

As it becomes harder to walk, she may try to take it easy each day. Muscles weaken and increase the risk of a fall. A lack of exercise also impacts her heart health and the risk of being overweight.

This foot pain may be related to arthritis, but there are other reasons. She might have an ingrown toenail. Maybe she stopped trimming her nails and they’re digging into other toes and causing sores. If she isn’t taking care of her toenails correctly, it may be time to hire an aide to help with grooming and personal care.

Home health care services offer transportation services. Getting your mom to see a podiatrist regularly won’t require you to take time off work. Home health care providers can support her while she goes for walks. They can also make sure her feet are dried and checked for wounds that might become infected. Ask our home health care agency for more information.


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