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Emergency Plan for Loved Ones

Posted in Senior safety

As Hurricane Dorian passes over us, wet but not nearly as terrible as predicted in Central Florida, we at Flourish In Place know that our clients have the best care possible in a potentially dangerous situation.  We have an emergency plan in place that takes into account the specific needs of each of our clients, and we follow-up with the caregivers and clients to ensure that all details are handled.

We hope and pray that all of our families weather the storm without incident.  In anticipation of the hurricane’s effects, our nurse, Wendy, has called our most vulnerable clients to offer preparation tips.  Our management team has educated the caregivers about what to do in case of power outages and shift changes due to impassable roads and storm-caused emergencies.

Thank you for the trust you have in all of us at Flourish in Place!  We work hard every day to earn that trust, and we appreciate your giving us the privilege of caring for your loved ones.

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