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Flourish in Place offers healthcare programs to caregivers

Learn about the benefits of CapstoneCare for our caregivers

Flourish in Place is pleased to announce that we are now offering quality healthcare programs and dental care alternatives to our caregivers, administrative staff, and their families through Capstone Health Network. 

Capstone Health Network offers CapstoneCare healthcare programs, high-quality, month-to-month healthcare alternatives with no contract or health exclusions that require no large out-of-pocket costs, co-pays, or deductibles.

Continue reading to learn more about CapstoneCare and the different programs available to Flourish in Place caregivers and staff. 

What is CapstoneCare?

CapstoneCare is a high-quality, low-cost healthcare alternative through Capstone Health Network, a healthcare company created by seven physicians and healthcare advocates after they saw the need for affordable healthcare options. 

CapstoneCare allows you to get quality, safe, and affordable medical care from the comfort of your own home through telemedicine. 

What are the benefits of the CapstoneCare healthcare programs for caregivers? 

CapstoneCare treats 75-80% of the most routine health issues from the comfort and safety of your own home in an average of 30 minutes. The services included in these healthcare programs are used by more than 5 million people. 

CapstoneCare’s telemedicine services are available 24/7 every day of the year, which is especially beneficial considering the CDC currently recommends telemedicine care when possible in order to prevent the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19.

All CapstoneCare programs also include short-term mental health counseling at no added cost. 

What are the different CapstoneCare healthcare programs offered to our caregivers and team members? 

There are two different CapstoneCare healthcare programs available: CapstoneCare Premium and CapstoneCare Dental Plus.

The CapstoneCare Premium Plan includes: 

  • No-charge telemedicine. Physicians can treat you and your family 24/7 from your home by phone, video, or other devices in under an hour.
  • Short-term, no-fee mental health counseling. This Capstone Care plan provides short term help for stress, anxiety, depression, and more from home by phone, video consultation, or other devices. 
  • Prescription drug discounts. You can save up to 85% on prescription drug costs, accepted at 64,000 pharmacies nationwide. 
  • Discount dental services. You can save about 10-50% per visit on cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and more at 150,000 participating dentists.
  • Vision care discounts. Up to a 10-50% discount at 12,000 optical locations.
  • Chiropractic discounts. Save up to 30% at 12,000 chiropractors.
  • Diabetes supplies discounts. Up to a 20-85% discount on name brand and generic diabetes supplies.
  • Hearing discounts. You can save up to 20-50% on brand-name hearing aids and more.

The CapstoneCare Dental Plus Plan includes:

  • Access to a national network of over 262,000 dental practice locations.
  • Savings at these dental locations also range from 15-50% per visit on dental services including cleanings, x-rays, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, and orthodontia.

“At Flourish in Place, we understand how important it is that our caregivers, administrative staff, and their families have the option to receive an affordable and high-quality healthcare alternative.”

— Kim Lee, co-founder and president

We’re hiring caregivers!

As well-compensated W-2 employees, our caregivers support our clients in need of compassionate care and are truly cherished members of our team that are treated with respect and appreciation.

Our caregivers support clients who are in need of helpful, compassionate care and who truly appreciate all that their caregiver does to help them in their day-to-day life.

We offer our caregivers many benefits, including:

  • Higher than average hourly rates
  • CapstoneCare Health and Dental Program
  • Colonial Life Supplemental Insurance benefits
  • Higher pay for vaccinated caregivers (who are in demand!)
  • We pay for time between daily shifts

Apply now to be a Flourish in Place caregiver.

Looking for an in-home caregiver for you or a loved one? 

Flourish in Place provides home care options for all needs and budgets and specializes in helping families in Central Florida find the appropriate level of care for their loved ones. 

Our mission is to provide compassionate and innovative care for seniors and persons with disabilities, which inspires them to flourish with dignity in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

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