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Why we believe in ongoing caregiver training

Learn more about caregiver training requirements for Flourish in Place caregivers

When choosing a home care agency for yourself or a loved one, one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the caregivers, their qualifications and experience that matches your needs. 

It’s essential that your potential home care agency employs caregivers that are certified, have multiple years of professional experience and receive continuous specialized education and training. 

Continue reading to learn about why caregiver training is critical to providing quality care to your loved ones. 

What is caregiver training?

Caregiver training is used for caregivers to learn how to better communicate with seniors. Training is especially critical in certain areas, such as medication management. 

Caregivers can also learn how to help seniors and people with disabilities with daily tasks, emergency protocols, and how to manage relationships between family members as a caregiver.

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Why is ongoing caregiver training important?

Caregiver training ensures that caregivers have all the information and resources they need to best take care of their clients. Trained caregivers are more equipped for the different situations that might arise while caring for seniors and people with disabilities. They can help to manage medications and recognize anything unusual about an individual’s physical or emotional well-being. 

Trained caregivers are also able to effectively communicate with a senior’s healthcare team to share any critical information. Training also provides families with a sense of security, knowing that their loved one is with a trustworthy and highly-skilled caregiver.

Each state has their own requirements for caregiver training. In Florida, home-health aides (HHAs) working for state-licensed agencies must complete 40 hours of initial training to meet the onboarding requirements. There is no annual training requirement for HHAs working for a state-licensed agency. [1] Individual home health companies may or may not offer ongoing training and support based on their business model and company culture.

How Flourish in Place handles caregiver training 

At Flourish in Place, we understand the importance of caregiver training, clear processes, and providing consistent and excellent service. In addition to the Florida requirement for initial training, we require that our caregivers complete 12 additional hours of training annually.

Ongoing caregiver training is especially important to us, as only 19% of trained caregivers still seek additional resources and training after their initial requirements. [2] “We understand how important it is for families to have well-trained and trustworthy caregivers caring for their loved ones. Our caregiver training program is just one of the ways we ensure we are providing quality senior care,” shares Kim Lee, co-founder and president.

We recently held our 2021 annual company-wide training for our caregivers to ensure they are up-to-date with the essential information and resources used to provide quality care. 

Our team went over a variety of important topics and processes, including: 

  • How our caregivers can best use the ClearCare application for documentation, reporting, and making notes during their shift.
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) vs. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLS). ADLS include activities, such as eating, bathing, and dressing, while IADLS require more complex skills such as cooking, cleaning, and medication management. 
  • Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit
  • The best practices for medication management and assistance.
  • Caregiver guidelines, including keeping commitments, reliability, flexibility, workload, and service standards.

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Looking for an in-home caregiver for you or a loved one? 

Flourish in Place provides home care options for all needs and budgets and specializes in helping families in Central Florida find the appropriate level of care for their loved ones. 

Our trained and certified caregivers can assist with a variety of needs including personal care, dementia care, cooking and serving nutritious meals, and companionship.

To learn more, please request your Free Consultation today! 


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2: Family Caregiver Alliance | Caregiver Statistics: Health, Technology, and Caregiving Resources 

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