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5 Ways Home Care Services Can Help in the Kitchen

Many older adults struggle to eat a healthy diet because they have difficulty in the kitchen. They may be unable to lift heavy pots and pans or bend and reach to get items out of the cupboard. Or, perhaps they have a cognitive problem, like dementia, that makes it impossible for them to follow the steps needed to safely cook a meal.

Some older adults don’t enjoy cooking, so they prefer not to do it. Others like to cook and may even miss it, but certain steps might be too difficult for them. With the help of home care services, older adults can eat healthy meals or have the help they need to cook for themselves.

Below are 5 ways home care services can help your aging relative in the kitchen.

Home Care Services Lake Mary FL - 5 Ways Home Care Services Can Help in the Kitchen#1: Open Jars and Cans

We’ve all struggled to open a jar at some time. Imagine being an older adult who has arthritic hands or whose hands aren’t strong anymore. Having weakened or painful hands also makes it hard to use a can opener. Home care services providers can assist seniors with twisting the lid off a jar or opening a can.

#2: Carry Grocery Bags

To prepare meals, it’s necessary to have food in the cupboards and refrigerator. That means grocery shopping and hauling heavy grocery bags in from the car. A home care provider can carry the bags in and put the groceries away for the senior. In fact, home care providers can drive them to the grocery store and shop with them, making it easier to get around the store and reach items on the shelves.

#3: Lift Pots and Pans

A pot filled with pasta and noodles can be too heavy for a senior to lift. A home care services provider can lift and carry pots and pans filled with food to drain them or take them to the table. Home care providers can also get dishes out of the oven, which could be dangerous for a senior who has balance problems.

#4: Cleaning

Kitchens get dirty from cooking and dishes need to be done. Doing dishes requires standing bent over a kitchen sink for a while, which can be hard on a senior’s knees and back. It can also be hard for them to wipe spills off the floor, which could result in a fall. Home care services providers can do all those things, and more.

#5: Prepare Entire Meals

If your aging relative cannot cook or doesn’t like to cook, a home care services provider can make entire meals for them. They can prepare fresh meals at mealtime or make dishes ahead of time that they can warm up later.

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