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Use Color to Improve Your Parent’s Mood

Can color impact how your dad feels? Studies do find that the right room color can help boost a mood. Color can also increase hunger, make you feel sad, and impact so many other emotions. If you’re looking to help your dad feel calmer and less stressed, painting his rooms can help.

Homecare Oviedo FL - Use Color to Improve Your Parent's Mood

What Colors Improve Mood?

Many in-depth studies have looked at how colors affect mood. Red has been found to stimulate athletic ability. Red can make people bolder or pushier. Red and orange are also believed to impact appetite. Black has been found to increase aggression. Yellow evokes feelings of warmth and happiness. Meanwhile, blue and green can be calming colors. Blue is noted to lead to feelings of trust.

If you’re looking to create a calm, soothing environment in your dad’s home, blue is a good start. It needs to be a gentle blue. Bold blues can have the opposite effect. Avoid beige and cream when possible. They’re not very stimulating and, therefore, boring. The lack of excitement is not as calming as people believe.

If you’re looking for calm, lilac is a good choice. So is pink, but those colors may not be appealing to your dad. He may be the type that likes neutral colors. If he insists on an off-white, it’s not ideal but listen to him. Use accents to bring in relaxing colors. Throws, pillows, lamp shades, and pottery in soothing colors will help.

Your Dad’s Preferences Need to Be Considered

If your dad has never been fond of the color green, painting his bedroom in sage green is unlikely to boost his mood. You do need to remember his preferences. If he finds a gray-blue to be a nicer color than a bluish green, go with the grayish option.

While you’re following his preferences, you can get bolder with the accents you purchase. Go for items you know he’d love. His old recliner is falling apart and he’s mentioned wanting a new one, it’s a good time to get a new recliner in a soothing color.

Go outside with a camera and take pictures of things in nature that are soothing. The ebbing tide on rocks. A hummingbird flitting from flower to flower in the garden. The pinks and oranges of the sky as the sun sets. Frame these relaxing images and put them in prominent locations.

Make Sure He is Engaged and Happy

Your dad’s mood may be off because he’s lonely. Homecare aides are companions who help seniors avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. Talk to our homecare agency about hiring caregivers to spend time with your dad.


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