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Becoming a Certified Home Health Aide in Florida

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Flourish in Place employs special nursing assistants and home health aides who are skilled and experienced as well as passionate about caring for others. Normally, we hire caregivers who have completed (at least) a 75-hour course to obtain their certification as a Home Health Aide (HHA). Others have completed a much longer course of study and then passed a state exam to become licensed as a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

In Florida, there is another legal option to become certified as an HHA. As a state-licensed Home Health Agency, we can administer a home health aide test provided by the Agency for Health Care Administration. Applicants must pass a lengthy written test and a practical test of skills administered by our Clinical Director Ruth Fallon, who is a Registered Nurse.

We only offer this certification option to caregivers who already have extensive experience providing personal care for others. How is it that some people already have this experience without having taken a 75-hour certification course? It could be they have been hired directly by one or more families rather than being employed by an agency. Certification is not necessary for people to be hired directly by a family. Alternatively, they might have worked as a health aide in another state that did not require certification. In still other cases, people have spent years as compassionate and skilled caregivers on a volunteer basis for one or more members of their family, but they never obtained a certification. We have discovered some wonderful and experienced caregivers who for one reason or another did not possess the certification they needed to work for a Florida Home Health Agency such as Flourish in Place.

Home Health Care Orlando FL - Becoming a Certified Home Health Aide in Florida


This was the case with one of our newest employees, Connie. Connie has years of experience as an integral member of a caregiver team that provided 24-hour care for a beloved elderly client. After Connie’s client passed away, Connie came to us through a strong recommendation from another client of ours. Connie was an example of a skilled and loving caregiver we felt we’d be proud to place with a client, but Connie was not certified. Consequently, last week Connie sat for the home health aide certification test at our office. And she passed the test with flying colors! Here is a picture of Connie, our newest Home Health Aide, holding the certificate we provided to her!We can’t wait to get Connie started helping our clients to flourish.


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