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Can You Take Your Mom on Outings After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis?

Your mom has Alzheimer’s. Family outings are one of the gray areas that people struggle with. You want to include your mom, but you’re not sure an outing is right for her.

Before you discount it, read more about how other families handle those issues.

Homecare Maitland FL - Can You Take Your Mom on Outings After an Alzheimer's Diagnosis?Wandering Away

Wandering occurs in many people with Alzheimer’s. If your parent tends to wander, someone needs to be watching your parent at all times. It’s best to get two or three people working in shifts.

You can also prevent wandering by making sure your parent is engaged in a discussion or activity. Simple activities like building a sand castle or helping feed a baby can keep your parent distracted and in one place.

Refusing to Return Home

One of the more frightening aspects of memory loss is when a parent forgets where home is. One family gathered at a local restaurant for a relaxed dinner. When they returned home, their mom announced this wasn’t her home and that they needed to take her home right now. They were home.

When your mom no longer recognizes home, it is alarming. You may need to drive around the block again and make a second attempt. If that doesn’t work, ask her to go inside. Once she sees her photos and personal items inside the house, it may be easier. If she’s still upset, make sure someone is free to sit with her until she’s calm.

Reaction to Loud Noises and Crowds

Sometimes, Alzheimer’s caregivers will find crowds and loud noises distress their parents. This makes going to a movie, a concert, or a restaurant hard. If you want to go out, look for movie theaters that have showings for those sensitive to darkness or loud volumes. Outdoor concerts at a vineyard and far away from the stage may be ideal.

In a restaurant, aim for late lunches or early dinners when fewer diners are in the establishment. The hours of 2 – 4 p.m. are usually ideal. You can also call ahead and ask the restaurant if they have tables that are in a quieter location. If that fails, see if your city has restaurants on Purple Tables yet. This restaurant reservation site specializes in training restaurants to handle guests with Alzheimer’s.

Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s is hard. Arrange respite care services from a senior care aide to ensure you don’t overwhelm yourself. Mental and physical health both become impacted when you’re the main family caregiver, so you have to focus on yourself too. Call our senior care agency to set up interviews.


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