Conversations Stir Memories of Summers Gone By

Summertime brings memories of family vacations, barbecues, picnics, trips to the lake, and so on. Not all our Epic Elders have instant recall of yesterday or even this morning, but many can reminisce for hours about years past. When you have a visit planned with your loved one, try going down this list to evoke some memories and engage in some heartfelt conversation.

Elder Care Orlando FL - Conversations Stir Memories of Summers Gone By

  1.  What was your favorite vacation?
  2.  Did you have a summer job?
  3.  When did you learn to swim? Who taught you?
  4.  How did you survive without air conditioning?
  5.  Who were your best friends when you were a kid?
  6.  What did you like to do when you were out of school for the summer?
  7.  Did you have to do chores during the summer?
  8.  What’s your favorite movie?
  9.  What were the clothing styles like in the summer for women? For men?
  10.  Did you play any sports or games during summer breaks?

My mother used to tell me about trips to see her grandmother. She was the youngest sister in a family of six children, with three girls. They never let her cook. She often had to do the dishes, until she broke one of her grandmother’s plates. After that, they left her out of all the kitchen duties. Evidently, she just wasn’t up to the rigorous task of handling those precious plates. I think she was smart as a fox and found a way out of working when she wanted to be playing!

Have fun sharing stories with your Epic Elders. As you do, you might want to set your phone on record to capture the precious memories.

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About Melanie Lee

Robert “Kim” Lee and Melanie Ann Lee founded Flourish in Place to help seniors and adults with disabilities thrive and flourish while leading dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Kim and Melanie raised three remarkable children while helping care for Melanie’s wonderful mother, Kathryn, who lived a rich life despite dealing with bipolar disorder all her life and suffering later from post-polio syndrome. Melanie has cared for her intellectually disabled older sister for the past 18 years as Melinda’s court-appointed plenary guardian. Kim’s mother, Betsy, suffers from severe dementia. She lives in her own home with the help of compassionate family members as well as paid caregivers. Kim and Melanie’s life experiences caring for others influenced their desire to help people not merely “age in place” -- but flourish at home. Kim and Melanie are both Certified Senior Care Managers. Melanie is also a science teacher.
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