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June Caregiver of the Month: Daniela Acevedo

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We are excited to introduce you to our Caregiver of the Month for July, Daniela Acevedo! Dani was born in New York but left the country at age 3 and grew up in Columbia. Now 30, Dani returned to this country 7 years ago and soon became certified as a Home Health Aide. She’s been working in this field ever since because, according to Dani, “I just love taking care of older people. They need a lot of love, and it’s a great feeling when you can help them.”

Dani has continued to do her essential work throughout the pandemic time, although of course she considers the Coronavirus to be “scary.” She faithfully follows Flourish’s COVID-19 training: wearing masks and gloves, asking herself and her client the 6 pre-qualifying questions, and making sure she gets the right answers before starting each shift.

Dani has cared for many of Flourish’s wonderful clients. She was especially fond of Kathy, who died just two months ago. Kathy and her family so loved and appreciated the care that Dani provided, allowing Kathy to be at home with her family when she passed away, rather than in a hospital.

Dani is still a newlywed. She married her husband Michael, a software engineer, in December 2019. Dani likes taking care of young people, too. She hopes she will be a mom someday soon. For now, in her free time, Dani loves to read books and magazines (in both English and Spanish), and she loves watching movies. She also likes a variety of sports, and she loves doing Zumba, which combines exercise and Latin dancing.

Dani has worked for other agencies as well as Flourish in Place, but she says Flourish is her favorite. “Flourish appreciates their employees and takes care of them. The company is also more organized and efficient than some other agencies.” We are so excited to have Dani as part of the Flourish team!

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