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The Healing Benefits of Music for Seniors

Music Can Lead to Better Quality of Life Music has a powerful impact on our lives. A line of lyrics or a snippet of a tune can generate very specific memories. A pop tune from your high school days might bring back the fun of cruising around town with friends. A hymn might fill you … Continue reading

Nature Nurtures Seniors

Gazing out at a lake can bring peace and calm to your soul.

Staying Connected: How Homebound Seniors Can Keep in Touch

Social Isolation Can Lead to Mental and Physical Decline Maintaining social connections is crucial for seniors’ overall well-being, with many studies showing the negative effects of being socially isolated on mental and physical health. Research indicates that prolonged isolation can cause increased feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety among seniors, as well as a higher … Continue reading

Flourish in Place Celebrates Angel!

Angel Graduating from Seminole State College! Angel Promoted to Office Manager! The whole Flourish in Place family congratulates Angel Herd this month for two huge accomplishments.  While working full-time as our Human Resource Manager and Scheduler, Angel successfully completed her coursework for an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Seminole State College.  She will be … Continue reading

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Watch for Infection! Importance of Wound Care for the Elderly

Early Treatment for Wounds Prompt attention to wounds is vital for the elderly. Even seemingly minor injuries can escalate into major problems if left untreated. As we age, many factors work together to prolong healing.  Thinner skin and medications are two of the common reasons for longer healing time in elderly people.   Caregivers should … Continue reading

End-of-Life Planning: Hard but Necessary!

Planning for the Future: Essential Documents and Directives for End-of-Life Care Bill Bush (pictured above) was an amazing example of planning ahead for his family. He had all documents clearly marked and in order. He made sure his family knew where to find everything they needed when he passed away. His family appreciated his organization, … Continue reading

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