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Why Aren’t You Really Getting Help?

It’s difficult to keep a positive perspective as a caregiver when you’re not getting the help that you need on a regular basis. There are answers, but you might need to sit down and look at what your obstacles are right now and what’s keeping you from receiving the help you need.

Senior Care Kissimmee FL - Why Aren’t You Really Getting Help?You Think You’re Asking for Help, But You’re Not

It’s really easy to look at what you’ve said and done and truly believe that you’ve asked very clearly for help. The problem is that what you see as obvious isn’t so obvious to anyone else. Other family members don’t necessarily see what you see. And situations that you might expect them to jump in and assist with might be ones that they see you as having under control. You have to be very open and clear, even saying, “Please handle this task for me.”

You’re Not Sure What You Need and Want

Very often the big issue with not asking clearly for what you need and want comes down to one thing. You’re not completely clear about what you want or need and that causes you to be unclear with your requests. Just saying “help me” indicates that you need help, but if the other people in your life don’t see what it is that requires assistance, they’re not going to follow through for you.

You’ve Got Unrealistic Expectations

From your point of view, other people in your life should be able to do certain things. But as close as you are to other people, you don’t know everything about their responsibilities in the rest of their lives. That causes you to have certain expectations that you later discover are unrealistic at best. Once you learn to keep your expectations in check, you can start to see better results.

You’re Not Looking at All the Options

You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s true in every experience, especially with caregiving. And if you don’t know how much senior care providers can do for you, you’re not going to be as likely to lean on their assistance. Take some time to interview senior care services in your area and see how they can help you and your elderly family member with your specific situation.

There may be a lot of other factors contributing, too. Remember that it’s difficult to ask for help. It was likely difficult for your senior to ask for your help, in fact. Reach out and make sure you’re addressing all of the needs you and your senior have.

Excerpt: It’s so frustrating to need more help and not get it. The first step can be figuring out why you’re not getting the help you need.

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