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Five Steps to Tracking Breathing Issues for Your Senior

When your senior has existing breathing problems it’s really important to help her avoid anything that makes her breathing issues worse. Tracking those problems can help you to figure that out.

Elderly Care Apopka FL - Five Steps to Tracking Breathing Issues for Your SeniorStart a Breathing Triggers Diary

When you want to analyze data you first have to track that data. A breathing diary lets you and your senior keep track of the events of her day and how they affected her breathing. Some of the information you’ll want to include might be what she ate, where she went, and who she spent time with. If you’re not always able to be there with your senior, elderly care providers can help her to keep up with her tracking.

Time of Day Is Important

One piece of data you definitely want to include in your senior’s breathing diary is what time of day the problem happened. Some people have more issues at different times of the day. Your senior might not have as many problems early in the day because she’s well rested, but as she gets tired throughout the day she’s more susceptible to triggers. Maintaining data about time of day can help you to spot that more quickly.

Start Narrowing Down Possible Triggers

When you’ve got a few days’ worth of information you can start noticing some patterns. Your senior might be having issues when she’s around certain people who wear perfume, for instance, or she might be more sensitive when you’ve just dusted the house. If she’s feeling anxious or if she’s under stress, she might have more trouble breathing, too. All of these can be possible triggers.

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor

Your aging family member’s doctor can also help you to look through the data you’ve collected and see other patterns. For instance, some medications might give your senior trouble breathing. Adjusting or changing those dosages can help significantly. The data you’re collecting can give your senior’s doctor plenty of insights that help considerably.

Learn More about Avoiding Potential Triggers

The more that you learn about your senior’s breathing triggers the more that you can do to help her to avoid them whenever possible. Changing cleaning products to ones that don’t cause issues for your senior might be what you need to do. Look for other ways to avoid those situations that cause her to have breathing difficulties.

Your senior may not have to keep her breathing diary for more than a few weeks. But when she experiences changes, like going to a new building for an appointment, it might help to do individual tracking for those days.

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