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Th’EYES Have It!

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Seniors experience many physical and emotional changes in the last third of their lives. The younger set can relate to some of those changes, but some conditions are harder to empathize with than others. Chronic pain, lessened mobility, and delayed recall illustrate just a few of the irritating and depressing symptoms that may come with older age. Another, less-publicized, change affects the eyes. Seniors may succumb to several eye ailments, which the general population doesn’t thoroughly understand. With proper training, businesses, community groups, friends, and family could help seniors adjust more easily to these vision challenges.

Senior Care Orlando FL - Th’EYES Have It!Kim and Melanie Lee are both certified facilitators for the Senior Sensitivity Training Program, “Through the Eyes of a Senior (Th’EYES). This program, developed through the Orange County Government Office and Commission on Aging, helps average-sighted participants get behind the eyes of people who are suffering from glaucoma, macular degeneration, developing cataracts, and other diseases. Empathy for others begins with actively working to put yourself in their shoes – or behind their glasses. The program gives participants the experience of trying to read a newspaper, find their place on a map, or follow directions – with the challenge of eye-sight difficulties. They have tasks to perform, with glasses that emulate the diseases, so that they can “see” how those with the diseases see. It’s a consciousness-raising experience that will encourage more empathetic responses toward our seniors.

Please contact us if you would like to have your office or group go through this interactive training to become more empathetic toward those with changing vision. It could redirect the way you do business or interact with your friends, neighbors, and family members.

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