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Safe and fun activities for Alzheimer’s patients to do at home

Seven home activities for Alzheimer’s patients

Participating in activities can help stimulate the brain, promote social interaction, reduce anxiety and depression, and slow down the progression of cognitive decline in individuals with Alzheimer’s. [1] When engaging with family members or friends in the middle or late stages of Alzheimer’s, it’s important to consider their preferences, abilities, and current mood.

Continue reading to explore seven ways to safely enjoy activities for Alzheimer’s patients to engage in at home.

1: Delve into creative activities

Art therapy has shown remarkable benefits for seniors with Alzheimer’s. It provides a creative outlet that promotes emotional well-being and cognitive stimulation. Engaging in art activities like painting, drawing, or clay sculpting allows seniors to delve into memories and emotions, even in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. 

Art therapy encourages social interaction and a sense of community amongst seniors, bringing a purpose and fulfillment back into their lives. 

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2: Engage in gardening tasks

Gardening activities provide sensory stimulation and can be a therapeutic experience for Alzheimer’s patients. 

Simple tasks like planting flowers, watering plants, or pulling out weeds can help them connect with nature, stimulate their senses, and promote a sense of accomplishment. [2]

3: Observe and feed birds

Bird watching and feeding can bring joy and excitement to Alzheimer’s patients. Setting up a bird feeder in the yard allows them to observe the birds’ behaviors and listen to their chirping sounds. This activity encourages a sense of connection with nature and provides a calming effect.

4: Listen to music

Music has a great impact on individuals with Alzheimer’s. It can evoke emotions, trigger memories, and enhance cognitive function. 

Music therapy can also reduce anxiety, improve mood, and promote social interaction among seniors with dementia. Encourage your loved one to listen to their favorite songs that help create a calming atmosphere.

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5: Enjoy puzzles and board games 

Puzzles and board games provide mental stimulation and can be a fun way to spend time with Alzheimer’s patients. Opt for puzzles with large, easy-to-handle pieces or choose board games that are simple to understand. These activities promote cognitive function, problem-solving skills, and social engagement.

6: Exercise sensory skills

Sensory exercises and experiences can be therapeutic for Alzheimer’s patients. Sensory blankets (also called lap robes or activity blankets), for example, can provide stimulation and comfort. Sensory blankets have been shown to help individuals with dementia reduce anxiety and agitation. 

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7: Take a leisure walk

Going for a walk outdoors can be a refreshing and stimulating activity for Alzheimer’s patients. It allows them to enjoy the fresh air, connect with nature, and engage in light exercise. [1]

Walking can also promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. However, it’s crucial to ensure a safe environment, such as choosing a familiar route and accompanying them during the walk.

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