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Arthritis Makes You Humble – and It Stinks!

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Getting ready to make spaghetti for dinner, I met one of the many obstacles I encounter every day. I had to open a jar of sauce. I used to be the one who could always open a tough, tight jar. Now, I need to hand off the jars to someone else. It’s very humbling to be met face to face with your limitations every day.

Home Care Services Orlando FL - Arthritis Makes You Humble – and It Stinks!

This evening, I tackled the jar alone, using a technique my mother taught me. She used to bang the top around its edges with the handle of a butter knife. It breaks the vacuum, which allows you to open the jar more easily. It doesn’t always work, but it did tonight.

I work with kids every day. I teach 14- and 15-year-olds. I’m frequently embarrassed to admit that I can’t do something because of arthritis in my hands. I encourage them to grow up to become researchers to cure arthritis because everyone gets it eventually.

Until the time a cure exists, society could do so much more to help. Manufacturers could have focus groups with arthritis try out their product packaging. They could learn what simple tweaks would give access to so many people, instead of reminding them of their weaknesses. Child-protective packaging does not have to lock adults out of the product. Door knobs, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, etc., render arthritic hands useless or less than competent. It’s incredibly irritating, and it could be solved so easily.

Products exist to help people with arthritis to deal with every-day activities. That’s wonderful and helpful. However, we could avoid the need for them by redesigning packaging. Let’s do that!

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