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Judith Nielsen, January Caregiver of the Month

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Judith Nielsen, from the area of Cooperstown, NY, is Flourish in Place’s Caregiver of the Month.  Congratulations, Judy!

Judy spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, reaching the rank of E6 Technical Sergeant.  Her last assignment was at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO.  After retiring from the service, Judy worked for the United States Postal Service in Denver as a mail processor and later as a sales and services associate.

Judith Nielsen, January Caregiver of the Month

Judy decided to be a home health aide after a turning point in her family life when she was young.  Her mother had made the decision to place her grandmother into a home in Otego, N.Y.  Judy’s grandma reacted by saying, “You don’t love me any more.”  The family assured her that they did love her.  They wanted her to have more people around her.  That event sparked Judy’s passion to be a caregiver for the elderly.

Judy likes her job and likes working with people who need help.  She and her long-time client share many things in common, including their name.  They are the Judy team!

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