Nurse Wendy on Advance Directives and DNR Orders

In a nutshell, the Durable Power of Attorney is a signed form you give to a trusted loved one. It contains your written permission for them to make big health care decisions for you if you’re ever in a coma. Even though it’s a legal document, it doesn’t have to be notarized. Another popular legal document is the Living Will. This document is where you’ve written exact instructions about what you do and do NOT want (if you’re ever in a coma). If your Living Will states that you NEVER want ANYBODY to do CPR on you, then (if ever you’re really sick) your loved one will urgently give your Living Will to the doctor so s/he knows that you want a DO NOT RESUSCITATE (DNR) order on your chart. In Florida home care settings, DNR orders are always written on yellow paper. Without this DNR order, all aides, nurses, therapists, and paramedics are required to perform CPR on you if your heart needs it. 

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