Welcome, Fred Broughton, Staffing and Scheduling Coordinator!

Fred is a United States Marine, which gives him a personal insight into the lives and needs of the veterans we serve at Flourish in Place.  After a successful tour of duty, he earned his B.S degree and went to work for the The Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation at the New York State Dept of Insurance.  Fred specialized in No-Fault and Bodily Injury claims. He advanced his career at the New York State Liquidation Bureau, becoming a Senior Litigation Examiner.  Afterward, he went into the private sector of health care management, where he had a long and prosperous tenure with one of the largest home health care providers on the eastern seaboard.  Fred brings his years of experience and knowledge to Flourish in Place, where he continues to fulfill his passion of serving the aging and health care community.
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